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Smartphone & Tab Servicing

What we do

Smartphones are everywhere and so are the various issues you face with it. If you are thinking about spending big again for a new device just because you have some issues like screen issues, charge port malfunctioning, apps crashing, overheating, water damage etc ... you should think again. Get your device to us and we will give you a free diagnosis, and let you know how you can restore your device to performing at its best.

Screen damage

Smartphone's fall out of our hands more often than not even if we are cautious. It results in the screen developing cracks giving it a shattered look. The phone may function properly, but it would dent your prestige to take that phone out in public. So instead of going buy an entire new one, we could change your screen for a fresh one and you won't be able to tell the difference.

Charging port malfunction

This is a very common issue, when your port becomes incompatible to your charger, and you have to find tedious ways to charge the battery when switching off your mobile phone. We could have a simpler solution, just bring it to us for a free diagnosis.

Apps crashing and overheating

Have the various apps in your phone started crashing for reasons unknown to you? Has it been virus infected or is the RAM being consumed irrationally? We will analyze your phone and get the best performance out of it. Our guarantee!!!

Water Damage

Has your phone or tab fallen into a swimming pool or a bucket of water? Have you given up on your prized possession? Bring the phone to us immediately and maybe we can help you.
One word of caution though: Don't try to switch on the mobile after it has fallen in a water body.

Performance issues

Sometimes the system fails to give optimum performance, some unwanted programs may use system resources, sometimes the system maybe configured in such a way that it creates a bottleneck to use the system resources in an efficient way.

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