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What we do

Computers and laptops are always prone to issues like virus attacks, screen malfunctioning, spilled liquid over your laptop, performance issues, or even broken laptop screens. Get in touch with us and we can repair your device so you can get the optimum performance your system.

Virus Attacks

The most common issue with a computer are virus attacks. We have with us some of the best antivirus services and we can help clean and protect your system from further attacks.

Broken Laptop screens

Laptops do fall. Babies, pets and careless nature are the main culprits. What we end up is a laptop with a shattered screen. We could help you change to a new screen, rather than spending a lump sum to buy a new laptop.

Performance issues

Sometimes the system fails to give optimum performance, some unwanted programs may use system resources, sometimes the system maybe configured in such a way that it creates a bottleneck to use the system resources in an efficient way.

Screen malfunction

An issue found with laptops. Sometimes the screen shows nothing but a blank screen, while in some cases it would should horizontal and vertical lines making a mess of your screen, in some case the display would be affected in certain sections, while in others the screen only works when the screen is at a certail angle from the keypad. All these issues have remedies and it is right here with us. We could eliminate all such problems and repair your laptop.

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